Our Services

A&C Asbestos Consultants offer a full independent service to clients to enable them to manage any asbestos containing materials within their properties. Our surveys and ongoing reviews allow the asbestos containing materials to be managed safely and in accordance with current regulations.

Asbestos Surveying

The purpose of the asbestos survey is to assist the 'Duty Holder' in managing asbestos within their property. An asbestos survey will give accurate information regarding the location/condition of any asbestos containing materials and provide an Asbestos Register. An asbestos survey will also help to identify asbestos containing materials which require to be removed prior to refurbishment or demolition works.

The requirement to survey properties for asbestos is covered by Regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. You can read more about why you need an asbestos survey by clicking here.

We undertake all types of asbestos surveying work.

Management of Asbestos Containing Materials

It is the responsibility of the 'Duty Holder' to have an accurate Asbestos Register and to keep this up-to-date in accordance with the requirements of HSG 264.

The Asbestos Register must be readily available to those who plan maintenance works or who are likely to carry out maintenance works in the future.

We can help you manage your asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos Consultancy

We have considerable experience in managing asbestos removal contracts as managers of asbestos removal companies.

A&C Asbestos Consultants can offer the client independent advice on all aspects of asbestos surveying, removal and abatement.

Removal of Asbestos Containing Materials

We can arrange removal of asbestos containing materials and provide guidance throughout the process.

We are totally independent of asbestos removal contractors, so we are ideally placed to ensure that all removal works are carried out correctly and in accordance with current regulations.

We have the specific industry knowledge to act as liaison between the client and the removal contractor should this be required.